Make Your Own XO Laptop Bag

The finished Canada Goose Jackets product is a custom laptop canada goose outlet shop bag for an canada goose uk shop OLPC XO laptop canada goose outlet jackets computer, canada goose outlet in usa but these instructions could probably be modified for many canada goose factory sale portable electronic devices. The bag core buy canada goose jacket cheap is made of high Canada Goose Outlet density foam, reinforced with paperboard. The bag is trimmed in polyester belting, has an adjustable strap, and a parachute buckle closure.1 yard of fabric ($6.99)2 pieces of 14″x22″ posterboard Canada Goose sale canada goose outlet canada goose parka ($0.78)1 Canada Goose Coats On Sale plastic parachute buckle for 1″ belting ($2.29)1 plastic strap adjuster for 1″ belting ($1.29)3 yards of belting goose outlet canada ($2.97)27″ of 1″ high density foam ($8.24)ThreadSewing machineNeedles for hand stitchingStraight canada goose uk black friday pinsWax paperMarkerPaper glueThe uk canada goose outlet fabric I selected was from the calico/quiltmaking department, but I imagine you could use anything reasonably stable (not lightweight or flowy). Belt color should uk canada goose canada goose outlet reviews coordinate with fabric. I used two colors of thread, one cagooseclearance to loosely coordinate with the fabric and one to blend in with the belt color. For Canada Goose Parka the XO bag, mine was 27″ long. Place your computer on the paper. roughly trace a rectangle around your laptop at the canada goose factory outlet center bottom of the wax paper. canada goose coats The top of the rectangle can be drawn as a dotted canada goose uk outlet line. This will be the front of the case pocket (not the flap). Directly above that rectangle, draw a 2nd rectangle that is the thickness of your laptop, canada buy canada goose jacket goose outlet toronto factory plus a little extra space. This will be the canada goose outlet new york city bottom of the bag. All sides of this rectangle can be drawn canada goose outlet online uk as dotted lines. This will be the back of the laptop case. canada goose store To the sides of this rectangle, draw two rectangles that will canada goose black friday sale be the sides of the bag. My flap is roughly 4/6 the size of the bag. Cut the pattern out on the solid lines and try Canada Goose Online out the fit by wrapping the pattern canada goose clearance sale around the laptop as if it were the finished canada goose outlet canada product. Make any necessary adjustments. The cut paperboard rectangles cheap Canada Goose will be the size of the “Back of bag”, “Bottom”, and “Front of bag” sections of canada goose clearance the pattern (see the blue shaded area of the illustration). Cut one of these shapes out of canada goose outlet online each piece of paperboard, canada goose outlet uk sale then glue the two paperboard rectangles together with regular paper glue. It is just the finished size of the sewn bag. You will need to account for seams!At this point in the process, I really started to wing canada goose outlet store uk it. I started with the fabric which was already folded canada goose outlet lengthwise, with the “wrong side” of the fabric on the inside. I placed this folded canada goose outlet sale fabric on canadian goose jacket Cheap Canada Goose coats top of the paperboard and foam. This way, canada goose black friday sale I was able to canada goose outlet nyc cut out two pieces of fabric at once. I cut out the basic shape of the pattern, with about a 2″ seam allowance on all sides. Sew All the Way Around.

In this step, you will create a kind of sandwich: Fabric (the outer fabric of the bag) Foam Paperboard Fabric (the inside of the bag)At this point, it would be nice to use some cheap canada goose uk canada goose outlet uk canada goose coats on sale spray adhesive to glue the outer fabric to the foam. I didn’t use any. I put the pieces together in the appropriate order (fabric, foam, paperboard, fabric and I sewed all the way around the foam, using a machine. I didn’t sew the foam, just as close to the foam as I could. Be extra careful to make sure that the fabric remains taught on both sides of the sandwich as you sew around the perimeter. If you’re using adhesive, this will be less of an issue. The extra fabric around the edges will allow you to put the bag together later. Hem all edges, by rolling the fabric over twice 1/4″. Visible edges are the sides that flap out, and the front edge of the bag (not the flap edge, but the front edge that was the bottom of the pattern). (In this picture, the edges have not been hemmed yet, but you get the idea.)Step 9: Attach Trim

Measure belting to fit all the way around the front flap. Add a total canada goose outlet store of 1″ for hems. Hem each side by rolling 1/4″ under twice, and sewing along official canada goose outlet the edge. (I didn’t do this, but I wish I had!)Pin the belting around the canada goose jacket Canada Goose online outlet flap, and sew using the machine and thread that matches. Pay special care to the way the belting goes around the corners. You will need to canada goose outlet black friday fold the belting over on itself a little to make it look nice. I tried to sew toward the edge of the belting.