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I moved to a new city for a job and was staying with my boss(we we previously coworkers) while looking for an apartment.

I see a too good to be true apartment on Craigslist one morning and i immediately call. The owner is a talker, says he has a 12000sqft “facility” just out of town and to come meet him. canada canada goose uk black friday goose outlet sale I grabbed my boss and we canada goose outlet toronto factory drove out to the address he gave me.

Pulling up the drive, all we see is a garage. Nothing else. He is talking about the large heated canada goose outlet double garage and how I can park in there and then he says buy canada goose jacket cheap “come see the apartment” canada goose outlet online uk we go into a small closet esque room and he closes the door. This is where I expecting him to monologue before officially capturing us.

Instead, he opens a door in the floor. Confused, we follow him down the steps into goose outlet canada a luxury underground bunker. He tells us about how he is a survivalist and a canada goose multimillionaire, canada goose outlet cheap Canada Goose new york city just feels like canada goose outlet uk sale he Canada Goose sale is wasting space by not renting some of it out.

Yeah had 4 apartments down there, though the walls would come down to make more space for survivors or canada Canada Goose Online goose outlet reviews something during the apocalypse.

The $500/month apartment had heated floors, geothermal heating, a sunken jacuzzi tub canada goose clearance in the bedroom, a laundry room and all utilities canada goose jacket outlet including internet were included in rent. Downside. no windows

Long story short, I lived there for a year and from time to time still thought he was going to murder me in my sleep. He also grew pot canada goose outlet canada goose store canada and would shove handfuls in my coat pockets. He even washed my car and put air in my tires from time to time. He was the greatest. So I had to go. Was a good canada goose factory sale canada goose outlet in usa year though.

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Am celiac. I recommend browsing the Madison magic website. Madison canada goose outlet store area gluten intolerance chapter.

Something like that. They have lists of restaurants and what canada goose outlet uk you can expect to order from those returaunts.

There is nothing that upsets me more than a restaurant Canada Goose Outlet that advertises they have several canada goose outlet jackets gluten free options when canada goose outlet shop all they have is salad, and some throw crutons on canadian goose jacket and you have to remake the whole thing.

One of my favorites although not technically in Madison, is Charlie on main. There is canada goose outlet nyc only one item on their menu that uk canada goose can be canada goose black friday sale made gluten free. They also make canada goose uk shop a lot of vegetarian dishes.

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I have a similar story. I used to travel to the same city each week for Canada Goose Jackets business. It was a new, 3 canada goose coats on sale star chain hotel. After canada goose outlet store uk 3 or so months, I received a “completely anonymous” survey by email. Stupidly, I answered it.

My cheap canada goose uk review was an 8 out of 10, which I thought was canada goose outlet Canada Goose Parka online good. Mostly pros about canada goose black friday sale the friendly Canada Goose online manager and staff, who always took good care of me. I had a couple of canada goose factory outlet complaints about the quality of the breakfast, where I mentioned canadagooseoutlet4online the frozen danishes (which were often still cold after reheating) and gritty eggs that I thought might be powdered.

The next week, I checked in late at night. canada goose jackets The manager confronted canada goose outlet black friday me canada goose clearance sale and said she saw my survey. I was confused I said I Canada Goose Coats On Sale didn’t remember getting uk canada goose outlet one. She said they see the email addresses of the people who respond which is the same as my hotel rewards account. She aggressively told me they get yelled at for an 8 out of 10, and that anything below 10 out of 10 is a reprimand. I explained that the system wasn’t fair how were they supposed to compete against 5 star chains charging $500 official canada goose outlet per night? Everyone buy canada goose jacket can’t be 10 out of 10. She scowled and gave me my room key.

The next day, she and her assistant were there at breakfast. She was walking canada goose coats around, purposefully ignoring me, asking everyone how there food was. She stood next to canada goose outlet parka me and loudly said to another guest, “You like your eggs? THEY’RE NOT POWDERED, just so you know.” She walked around saying a lot of things like that. It was pretty uncomfortable.