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Replica Designer Handbags While the song is cute, the idea of love in our hearts is a serious one. And I see it as directly related to human rights. I decided not to write about a specific campaign, a specific policy, a specific human rights abuse, but rather about the underlying scrooge behind each of them, whether it is spoken or not: When we don’t see the other as a human being, as another living being created in the image of God, then slavery in the tomato fields in Florida is possible; then ignoring genocide is possible; then injustice toward women is possible. All of the great philosophers and thinkers of many religious traditions seem to say the same thing, namely that when we see the face of God in the other, we act in more compassionate, loving ways. When we don’t, we either ignore injustice or perpetrate injustice because the victims are not seen as humans, but rather as what Martin Buber called “it.” Relating to human beings as an “it” rather than as a “thou” offers us a mask behind which we can hide. I was thinking about this as a reality in our world, one in which we classify people by how much they can produce, what socioeconomic class they are in, how much we can separate ourselves from them as people. Yet, the Torah, in many different places, tells us that this is precisely what we must battle against in order to have a healthy, fair, balanced society. Replica Designer Handbags

Replica Handbags Badass Grandpa: Performed up to six nights a week for most of his life. When his age started to affect his work, he slowed down. to just four nights a week. In his seventies! Based on a True Story: Wrote “Lucille” to tell the story of how his beloved guitar got her name. Big Name Fan: Once made a cameo on Classic Concentration. Dream Team: Teamed up with Eric Clapton to release “Ridin With The King” in 2000 which won the 2000 Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album. I Call It “Vera”: In the winter of 1949, King played at a dance hall in Twist, Arkansas. The hall was heated by a barrel half filled with burning kerosene, a fairly common practice at the time. During a performance, two men began to fight, knocking over the burning barrel and sending burning fuel across the floor. The hall burst into flames, and the building was evacuated. Once outside, King realized that he had left his guitar inside so he went back into the burning building to retrieve his beloved Gibson ES 335. King learned the next day that they had been fighting over a woman named Lucille. King named that first guitar Lucille and subsequently named every guitar he owned since, as a reminder never again to do something as stupid as run into a burning building or fight over women Replica Handbags.