Wants to pull over and take a nap at 6am. Sister now drives. Mother is https://www.kinkhost.com used to being navigator. People walk in front of the Banca Popolare di Milano in Milan October 25, 2010. REUTERS/Paolo BonaThe decision comes only a few weeks before the launch of a 500 million euro (414 million pounds) rights issue to beef up the bank balance sheet as the European Central Bank reviews its asset quality.The governance reform and the capital increase are conditions set by the Bank of Italy for the removal of an additional risk weighting of assets that forces the Milanese bank to set aside more capital.The governance change failed to achieve the two thirds majority needed for approval at an annual meeting. It had envisaged giving institutional investors the right to appoint six of the 15 members of the supervisory board, with the aim of limiting the power of employee shareholders and union representatives.The Bank of Italy has repeatedly encouraged Popolare Milano and other Italian cooperative lenders to increase investor control over management to make themselves more attractive to institutional investors.An attempt to transform the bank into a joint stock company had already failed, prompting top investor Andrea Bonomi to sell his entire 8.6 percent stake on the market..

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