Pippo FC Azzurri


AZZURRI FOOTBALL CLUB was created and registered in the JIFL in 2016. Focusing on tireless fighting spirit and fair play also adding the distinguish character of Italianate with high sense of Humor and distinguish passion. Azzurri FC team gives equal importance to both game, and after game sections, gathering together for a relaxing and friendly evening after a “dramatic” stressfully week of work in our beloved Jakarta . Putting gentleman-ship as a core value and giving priority to the fun of the game and the importance of friendship in and outside of the pitch is this team’s purpose. Azzurri FC first priority is to be a friendly and unique recall to motherland

Email: rs3cci@gmail.com

FC Azzurri

#PlayerClubPositionMan Of The MatchGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsOwn Goals
1itaAlberto CastellaniPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder010000
2itaAlberto GuidiPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder023000
3idnAriefPippo FC AzzurriGoalkeeper000000
4colCamilo CardonaPippo FC AzzurriDefender000000
5itaCarlo SavocaPippo FC AzzurriDefender000000
6itaChristian BannoPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder000000
7itaDaniel VigonePippo FC AzzurriMidfielder110000
8itaDaniele De BernardiPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder001100
9itaDavide GranelliPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder000000
10itaFederico AnastasiaPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder000000
11itaFederico GarauPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder000000
12itaFilippo CandriniPippo FC AzzurriDefender010200
13itaFilippo LombardiPippo FC AzzurriForward010100
14itaFrancesco MurmuraPippo FC AzzurriDefender000100
15itaFulvio AstengoPippo FC AzzurriDefender010300
16itaFulvio ParacucchiPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder000100
17idnGISTIPippo FC AzzurriForward312000
18itaGiacomo GalbiatiPippo FC AzzurriForward012200
19itaGiovanni FabianiPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder000000
20itaGiuseppe GrandePippo FC AzzurriMidfielder000000
21itaJacopo GuazzarottiPippo FC AzzurriDefender231300
22itaJacopo MorPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder011200
23itaJean Pierre SevenkePippo FC AzzurriMidfielder000000
24fraJohan BersonPippo FC AzzurriDefender300000
25itaMatteo MeacciPippo FC AzzurriDefender000000
26itaMatteo SpedicatoPippo FC AzzurriDefender000000
27idnRandiPippo FC AzzurriMidfielder010000
28itaRoberto SecciPippo FC AzzurriForward021100
29itaSergio AmirantePippo FC AzzurriGoalkeeper000000
30itaSimone MarzoPippo FC AzzurriDefender000100
31itaSimone TaitPippo FC AzzurriDefender000000