I the middle of 1970th some Danish and other Scandinavian people living and working in Jakarta spend some of their weekends to play football against other expat and local team in order to create social friendship. It went on for several years before the Club was established as we know today.

Jakarta Vikings Football Club was officially started in 1989 by football players who mostly live in Country Woods Estate (CWE). Many of the players were Danish and other Scandinavian people who live in Jakarta. Over the years we have seen more variation of nationalities forming the club, but we still keep the value in the team: Football, Fun and Friendship.

​Jakarta Vikings was founding member of ISC (International Soccer Competition), today called Jakarta International Football League (JIFL). Viking has won the league 2 times in the early days of the league. Last two years Jakarta Vikings has taken the Championship, and we have ended in the top. 3 in the league table the last 6 year.

Today we are around 35-40 members divided into 2 categories: The League players and CWE players / trainees etc. League matches is mostly played Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon.


As a football Club we aim to win matches, but not for any price. Jakarta Vikings have over the years participated in the League and is known for its fair conduct on the field as well as outside. We want to maintain this line. Needless to say that uncivilized behavior against referee, opponent or team members etc is not accepted and will be reason for exclusion. Motto: FFF…. Football Fun Friendship

TEAM MANAGER : Martin Madelaire



PlayerClubMan Of The MatchGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss RatioOwn Goals
nzlAlex ThorpVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
fraAlexander EtienneVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
sweAlf Jonas StromqvistVikings0000010.000.00100.000
Cameron ToughVikings00000771.430.0028.570
fraCarl PoilvetVikings010001250.0016.6733.330
norCato V. NordskogVikings00000771.430.0028.570
chiChristian AlejandroVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
gerChristian SchindlerVikings00000771.430.0028.570
chiClaudio MartinezVikings0000010.000.00100.000
denClaus EllemannVikings0000010.000.00100.000
denClaus EllemannVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
engDavid NesbitVikings000001250.0016.6733.330
denFlemming KroghVikings000101346.1523.0830.770
Gregory RanslamVikings00000771.430.0028.570
denJakob Friis SorensenVikings000001050.0010.0040.000
denJan GrammVikings00000771.430.0028.570
guiJoe ToureVikings0000010.000.00100.000
engJon GibsonVikings0000010.000.00100.000
usaJon GipsonVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
sweJonas SwedenVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
usaJonathan StreiferVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
usaJonathan StreiferVikings0000010.000.00100.000
scoKenny BlackVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
denKim OlsenVikings00000475.000.0025.000
denLars ChristiansenVikings000001250.0016.6733.330
usaMark BirnbaumVikings00000771.430.0028.570
denMartin LonghiVikings00000475.000.0025.000
denMartin MadelaireVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
denMartin MadelaireVikings0000010.000.00100.000
idnMarvin SuwartoVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
denMathias ThomsenVikings000001250.0016.6733.330
denMichael LauritzenVikings00000955.5611.1133.330
banMoon SultanVikings00000862.500.0037.500
denMr. ArlaVikings00000475.000.0025.000
idnMr. EkoVikings000001250.0016.6733.330
denMr. GrundfosVikings00000475.000.0025.000
denMrs. VeraVikings00000366.670.0033.330
espPedro AmorVikings000001250.0016.6733.330
denPeter TeglbjaergVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
denPeter TeglbjergVikings0000010.000.00100.000
engPhilip CoxVikings00000475.000.0025.000
denSoren MensalVikings010101346.1523.0830.770
denSoren PetersenVikings000001346.1523.0830.770
fraStephane EtienneVikings00000955.5611.1133.330
usaengSteward SpiessensVikings000111346.1523.0830.770
tanThomas MarshallVikings480001346.1523.0830.770
gerThomas MichelsenVikings000001050.0010.0040.000
usaTodd SchowalterVikings0000010.000.00100.000
usaTodd ShowalterVikings130011346.1523.0830.770
indVineeth VijayanVikings000001050.0010.0040.000
idnXavi AdrianVikings000001250.0016.6733.330