La Vera Spartan

La Vera Spartan Football Club was created in 2016 and has been actively participating in the JIFL League ever since. The Spartan’s strive for teamwork and friendship among their many members. The Spartan Network extends world-wide with members hailing from countries such as: Ireland, USA, Nigeria & England. We are a very inclusive squad and welcome new members regardless of their background. The Spartans’s not only enjoy their time on the field but also the time together off the field. The Spartans can often be found enjoying a cold beverage at their local Sponsor La Vera Pizza BSD, while enjoying the live music and having a good time. Combining a competitive spirit with the desire to build friendship defines the core mission of La Vera Spartan FC. We are always looking to build our network and welcome the chance to meet new people. Spartan never dies!


Email: Mr Philip Randall

La Verra Spartans

PlayerClubMan Of The MatchGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsOwn Goals
Andre VerhoekLa Vera Spartan102000
gerAxel Henry TurkenburgLa Vera Spartan000100
engBenLa Vera Spartan000000
mexCarlos Ademar FigueroaLa Vera Spartan123000
ngaChidi Francis OjukwuLa Vera Spartan000000
gerChristian WideraLa Vera Spartan000000
gerDaniel SchwertfegerLa Vera Spartan121400
ngaDavid TomeLa Vera Spartan130410
engEdwardLa Vera Spartan000000
ngaFrancisLa Vera Spartan676000
zamGiovanni B. KatebeLa Vera Spartan000000
ausGoran BogdanLa Vera Spartan000000
idnHan ChenLa Vera Spartan000000
Lexi TamnauLa Vera Spartan000000
Lodewijk LamsveltLa Vera Spartan000000
rouMarian BuragaLa Vera Spartan000000
Matthew DimosLa Vera Spartan000000
idnMohamad Ibnu AlwanLa Vera Spartan100000
idnMohammed AhyarLa Vera Spartan000000
engNailLa Vera Spartan100000
engNeil MahoneyLa Vera Spartan000000
Nicholas PierreLa Vera Spartan000000
usaPhilip RandallLa Vera Spartan000101
engRichard JonesLa Vera Spartan041000
espRoberto Gonzalez FernandezLa Vera Spartan000100
irlSeamus DeeryLa Vera Spartan110200
yemSharif AqlanLa Vera Spartan499100
Stefan de WinterLa Vera Spartan000000
madTafita RakotoarisonLa Vera Spartan000000
idnUcokLa Vera Spartan000000