The Lions The Lions origins remain a mystery, with some legends saying the club was formed way back in the mists of time when Johnny Harrington was still a tee-total virgin. Others however, put the origins more recent than that and say it was formed in 1885 when the FBI’s most wanted, Les Robertson teamed up with Lord Henry to leave the all-conquering Wanderers and form a new club. Regardless of the official start date, The Lions is a club that gets under your skin and deep into your blood. Despite several attempts to leave and start a new, wholesome life, our resident fashionista Damo – think Gok Wan meets Walmart – keeps finding himself drawn back to his spiritual home. Even those that can’t (and shouldn’t try to) kick a ball find themselves drawn to the hallowed turf on a Saturday afternoon, as Demspey will confirm. The Lions are the most welcoming and diverse of football clubs, having been known to accept Lords, wife stealers, gingers, the vertically challenged, full-kit wankers, Scousers, Aussies, and even embracing the first openly homosexual player in the JIFL. We have always held the opinion that football is a universal language, as is “f*** you, you cheating c***” which is often directed by our captain, Dieter, at the officials.
It is also fair to say that although we would like to have our football do the talking for us, as that brand of football is often equivalent to Stoke on a rainy March evening, we instead have sought to cement our position as the number one social team. Win, lose or draw, you will find us in the pub (sometimes with a salad), where our friendly, welcoming banter is extended to all. We are proud to hold the records for: the biggest bar bill in EP, the most bottles of vodka consumed in an evening, the biggest circle-jerkle, and the most people ever gathered in an expat hang-out to sing the Proclaimers. For any who try to bring down the atmosphere we have our resident hard man on hand – ‘Don’t touch me’ Amos and the diminutive, Bilbo ‘Oli’ Soprano. We are always looking for the next Maradona or Pele, but failing that, if you can drink Extra Joss shots with Adam, hold up Cato after his 3rd beer, discuss the percentage of successful headed passes in the final 10 minutes of the game with James, and not be paranoid when Johnny is around your wife, then you are more than welcome to join the ranks of Jakarta’s most infamous football club. We are particularly on the look-out for anyone who works at the American Embassy, so that we can continue to be supplied with cheap import beers on match



PlayerClubMan Of The MatchGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss RatioOwn Goals
ghaAbraham Oracca TettehLions15000540.000.0060.000
gbrAdam BattenLions000002035.000.0065.000
civAdam ScherifLions00000250.000.0050.000
sleAmadu JallohLions0000000.000.000.000
canAnders WestLions0000000.000.000.000
usaCato CookLions170822334.780.0065.220
usaChristopher MoncadaLions000002236.360.0063.640
engDalton IgunziLions0000000.000.000.000
gbrDamien BardenLions0000000.000.000.000
ausDaniel MacdonaldLions000001931.580.0068.420
cgoDavid ElbenachurLions15010540.000.0060.000
idnDery FirdhausLions000002100.000.000.000
gbrDieter WerwathLions000302334.780.0065.220
gerFreek HondersLions000002100.000.000.000
idnGalih BiramaLions540201931.580.0068.420
gbrGiles TaarlandLions000002100.000.000.000
usaGordon GentLions000002334.780.0065.220
idnHaris HidayatullahLions000201833.330.0066.670
civHassan FelixLions0000000.000.000.000
masIskandar EzzahudinLions000002100.000.000.000
usaJack PilotLions000002236.360.0063.640
gbrJames RichardsLions010002334.780.0065.220
guiJhony UsmanLions000412236.360.0063.640
sweJohan HultquistLions000002035.000.0065.000
gbrJohn HarringtonLions0000000.000.000.000
sinKamar FaizalLions010002236.360.0063.640
tpeKen YiuLions000002334.780.0065.220
gbrKristian BrennanLions020101931.580.0068.420
gbrLiam ClaydonLions000001100.000.000.000
fraLucas MascaradeLions000002236.360.0063.640
gbrMatthew MarsdenLions000001931.580.0068.420
indMilind ShirokdarLions00000250.000.0050.000
ausMitch WalkerLions000002236.360.0063.640
gbrNeil GardenerLions000001100.000.000.000
swePhil HanssonLions000001100.000.000.000
gbrRajendra HuttonLions000001100.000.000.000
canRyan McClureLions00000250.000.0050.000
fraSamir PhengLions0000000.000.000.000
blrSergey ZubikLions000002334.780.0065.220
sinSuresh SukmarLions000002236.360.0063.640
togYawo GbamaLions0001010.000.00100.000
rusZohid AzizovLions000001100.000.000.000