Nomads FC

NOMADS FOOTBALL CLUB Nomads Football Club was created in 2006, and has since then been actively participating in the JIFL League. Focusing on tireless fighting spirit and fair play, it is also a widely international team with all continents represented. Nomads team gives equal importance to both game, and after game sections, with the one and only manic addiction for their legendary flaming Sambuca, chased by endless rows of pitchers. The rallying cry “SHOT TIME!!” still resonates in many a places around town. Putting gentleman-ship as a core value and giving priority to the fun of the game and the importance of friendship in and outside of the pitch is this team’s purpose. Once a NOMAD, always a NOMAD!

Email : Mr Satoshi Maejima


PlayerClubMan Of The MatchGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss RatioOwn Goals
usaAli kriboNomads FC000001353.850.0046.150
ausAndre liNomads FC000001353.850.0046.150
idnAndrew BaskoroNomads FC000001353.850.0046.150
fraArmand DichtelNomads FC000001100.000.000.000
fraAzeyNomads FC000001450.000.0050.000
tunBakarNomads FC000001100.000.000.000
cmrBasileNomads FC250001353.850.0046.150
ausChris LeeNomads FC020101258.330.0041.670
usaDean BartlettNomads FC000001353.850.0046.150
idnElanNomads FC020001100.000.000.000
cmrEvrardNomads FC020211353.850.0046.150
braFelixNomads FC000001353.850.0046.150
idnFiqi EmmettNomads FC000001258.330.0041.670
gbrGareth JonesNomads FC000001353.850.0046.150
fraGuillaumeNomads FC000001060.000.0040.000
syrHammadNomads FC010201060.000.0040.000
jpnHotaka AbeNomads FC000001258.330.0041.670
cmrJean PaulNomads FC010101546.670.0053.330
cmrJoelNomads FC000001353.850.0046.150
gbrJonathan keefeNomads FC030001353.850.0046.150
jpnKazuki MaenoNomads FC000001060.000.0040.000
gerKlausNomads FC000001100.000.000.000
LeoNomads FC280102100.000.000.000
fraMartinNomads FC000001546.670.0053.330
idnMiftaNomads FC000001100.000.000.000
turMustafaNomads FC3120111546.670.0053.330
cmrNtolo Arsene AiméNomads FC280001546.670.0053.330
itaPaoloNomads FC000001258.330.0041.670
nedPeterNomads FC000001060.000.0040.000
idnRezaNomads FC000001546.670.0053.330
nedRiganNomads FC000001353.850.0046.150
usaSajjaad aliNomads FC000001353.850.0046.150
jpnSatoshi MaejimaNomads FC000001450.000.0050.000
jpnShintaro TakashinaNomads FC000001258.330.0041.670
nedWadeNomads FC000004100.000.000.000
tunWaliNomads FC010001060.000.0040.000
fraYanNomads FC000101258.330.0041.670
fraYanNomads FC000001100.000.000.000
usaZackNomads FC000001100.000.000.000