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Designer Replica Bags Armoured Closet Gay/Bury Your Gays: One mystery revolves around how homosexuals had to keep their desires secret because homosexuality (classified as Gross Indecency) was a crime in 1950s Britain. Asshole Victim: The penultimate murder victim of the second series was abusive towards his wife and children before the wife got her revenge, tainting his beer with rat poison and leaving him to die in prison. Behind the Black: In the pilot episode, the murderer tries to push a woman onto train tracks, but Sidney jumps in from the side to save her just before she falls. To grab her in time, he must have been practically more about standing next to her, yet somehow remained unnoticed by either the murderer or her intended victim (both of whom would have recognized him). Berserk Button: Sidney goes absolutely apeshit on Geordie after the latter makes fun of his neverending support for the recently executed Gary Bell in the most callous way possible: comparing Gary’s manslaughter of Abigail Redmond to Sidney having killed during the war. Naturally, this pushes the previously patient Sidney past his limit. Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing: The new Archdeacon of Series 3. Unlike the first Archdeacon, this one seems genuinely kind and always opens his meetings by giving Sidney and Leonard well deserved praise for their accomplishments. Right up until he uses that same tone of voice to pick apart any aspect of their personal lives that he finds unbecoming in the church. Black Cap Of Death: The judge presiding over Gary Bell’s murder trial puts it on at the trial’s conclusion. Book Ends: The first and last episode of the first series both include a scene where a prostitute annoyed at Geordie tells him to “bugger [himself] sideways”. Needless to say, she’s friendlier towards Sidney. Broken Pedestal: Over the course of the second series, Sidney’s faith in the Archdeacon is shattered as he learns of his role in Sam’s sexual improprieties. Busman’s Holiday: Sidney takes Geordie to London for a night of jazz and drinking. They end up helping investigate the murder of Sidney’s sister’s boyfriend’s sister. The Chew Toy: Poor Sidney often finds himself on the receiving end of peoples’ anger and grief, particularly in Season Two. Curse of the Ancients: Mrs. Maguire often exclaims “What the Dickens?!?!” whenever she’s angry or surprised. Sidney and Amanda find this amusingly quaint, even for the 1950s setting of the show. Damned by Faint Praise: In the third mystery of the second series, Leonard says of a film he’d just seen, “It was riveting enough.” His friend is quick to lampshade. Deadpan Snarker: Geordie gets the lion’s share of the scripts’ zingers and the fact that he’s so casual about them makes them sting all the more. Sidney has his moments as well Designer Replica Bags.