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Replica Bags Archaeologist have found that Neanderthal man used the hide from the animals they hunted, as well as everything else. This fur and hide was, hopefully, scrapped clean and allowed to dry. This type of rawhide was very simplistically processed for clothing. And, therefore, became brittle, stiff and, eventually, rotted. Scientist say at some point, man or woman, figured out that rubbing fat onto the hide helped create a more flexible and water resistant material. Which is probably the first leather preservation process invented. Early uses for leather were clothing and tools, but the nomadic tribes used larger hides for shelters. It is theorized that the fires used inside these shelters, for warmth and cooking, created smoke which absorbed into the hide aiding in its longevity. Probably accidental but when burning green leaves and branches the smoke created a vapor with a substance which later became formaldehyde tanning or smoking. A natural process, believe originate with the Hebrews, is bark extract. Bark extract became vegetable tanning and is still applied to certain types of leathers. Known in ancient times but unclear when discovered to work was preservation by dehydrating using alum, a type of salt which is a natural mineral found widely in nature and particularly near volcanoes. Interestingly, a tannery was uncovered among the ruins of Pompeii with similar equipment used centuries after it was found. Replica Bags

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