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canada goose clearance The international gloval postwar consensus. The idea that this is due just canada goose outlet london uk to the actions of Americans is what I take issue with. If anything it because the last war was so brutal that every nation on earth decided that large scale war was distasteful. canada goose clearance

The largest wars since then and now have all been started by the USA. If anything americana is what should have happened, but didn because America can stop sticking it nose where it doesn belong.

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canada goose coats on sale Russia aggression in ukraine canada goose outlet location and georgia wasn started by the us. canada goose outlet black friday Iraq invasion of kuwait, canada goose factory outlet the war between iraq and iran, the intervention in yemen by saudi arabia, the french intervention in mali just canada goose factory outlet vancouver to name the few I could name on the top of my head. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap America guaranteed peace through overwhelming force. Their military is unrivalled, and it not even close. This, coupled with it push for multi lateral ruled based treaties like the world bank, the IMF, the WTO and the UN generally is what allowed the world to cool down after the second world war (and especially after the cold war). They canada goose outlet online definitely only agreed to it because of the atrocities canada goose outlet mississauga of WW2, as well as the destructive power of atomic weapons, but the reason the offer was on the table in the first place was because of america security guarantee, if you followed the rules and played nice. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose sale Now, america definitely abused it position, especially during the cold war. Many of the interventions they made, especially Vietnam, did not bring any prosperity to speak of, and it support for murderous dictators as long canada goose outlet trillium parka black as they were capitalist was despicable. That doesn take away from the fact that the positive effects of this system were considerable. Canada Goose sale

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In the last 30 years the American military has canada goose vest outlet done more to destabilize the world than any other single entity in the world. The entire middle East is in flames specifically because of American actions. America pushed for the Arab spring an continued the fire in the middle East and allowed it to spread under the canada goose outlet locations in toronto guise of democracy. The entire continent of south America was destabilized becaise of American interests and Europe has a refugee problem specifically because American foreign policy has created the conditions necessary for millions to flee their countries.

Canada Goose sale America sure has canada goose jacket outlet toronto its place. I not denouncing that. It the largest superpower that for sure. But a lot of the world really disagrees about America military being a force for good. It been a force for making Russia think twice. But if anything many of the world problems today can be traced back to America poor decision making. Canada Goose sale

In the last 60 or 70 years most American military interventions have lead to civillians getting slaughtered in the resulting power vacuum.

canada goose store If anything it pax technica. The peace of modern technology and economics. America made great strides for the world, no doubt. But it can take sole credit for capitalism, trade, or the continued advance of technology canada goose store

canada goose store Pax americana is the goal. We canada goose outlet eu haven gotten there yet canada goose store

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Canada Goose online The big stink in Hick Hop (yes, country rap) is between the canada goose outlet germany artist Upchurch and the owner of a farm in Kentucky who hosted the KDL canada goose sale uk Outlaw Farm Fest. The Farm Fest had Upchurch as the headliner, and included Struggle Jennings, Colt Ford, and Jelly Roll. The fest is the owner first concert and included mud holes and tracks/trails for offroading and muddin and other general redneck recreational activities. Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket Before Upchurch was about to go on stage after sundown, an ATV driven by a drunk chick with another chick as passenger wrecked, and the passenger was just laying in a muddy ditch unattended and started seizing. No paramedics or EMTs onsite, which is standard for these events. Upchurch got wind of it canada goose outlet london and it pissed him off so he had his personal medic that he travels with go tend to her while his booking manager called 911. 911 recommend a Air Lift to the local hospital, but people at the fest were shooting off fireworks so a chopper couldn come until that stopped and the smoke cleared. canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals So Upchurch got on stage and canada goose outlet miami basically started blessing out the owner for not having EMTs on hand and it was now 30 minutes since the wreck. He demanded the fireworks stop until the girl could get help and said he be back on stage in an hour (to allow time for all this to happen). canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket cheap Details at this point are contested on both sides, but the owner of the farm got on stage and said it wasn his fault the girl wrecked and it isn his responsibility to canada goose kensington parka uk ensure her saftey or have EMTs on hand. Attendees claim they were never asked to sign waivers to be at the event. Said he couldn afford an Ambulance on site, etc. Fans who paid $250 for the weekend and such got pissed off, one jumped on stage and started throwing Upchurch mic off the stage. Security lowered the barricades for some reason and basically a small riot broke out. BTW, security was just the owners buddies, not actual contracted trained professionals. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Outlet Allegedly the owners daughter confronted Upchurch and his people and started talking shit, started trying to get upset fans to storm his bus, etc. At this point Upchurch was just done with all the bullshit but they canada goose outlet couldn get out because of the angry mob, and had to go rescue their guitarist who was hiding somewhere. Basically it wound up that they had to escape up a muddy ass hill in the woods until Jelly Roll crew came up on an OHV and rescued them. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale The girl canada goose shop uk did get the help she needed and is okay. The owner of KDL threatened to sue Upchurch for not performing, and attendees are demanding refunds. The owner allegedly had already spent the $60k he made in ticket sales on a new truck or something. Upchurch has basically sworn off performing at Mud Parks or other private, unprofessional venues due to the drama, lack of security, and lack of saftey percautions. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose coats I’m done doing fuckin mud parks, the one tonight was the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in my mutha fuckin life, as soon as we get there, there’s a chick canada goose parka outlet laying in a ditch having a seizure due to a fourwheeler accident. No EMT no where so we had OUR personal medic rush down there on a random razor, and had my booking agent call life light here, life light couldn’t land because of a FUCKIN firework show! So I had to get on the FUCKING stage and tell everyone to stop the firework show so the FUCKING helicopter could FUCKING land! I said “I’ll be back in one hour to finish the show” well the one of the guys running the park gets arrested for a DUI taking one of Colt Fords band members back to the tour bus sight and then some other random canada goose outlet uk sale asshole gets on stage after I JUST FUCKING SAID ILL BE BACK TO FINISH THE SHOW! I get off stage and the owners family starts telling me “fuck you” and some other shit, so I said “fuck you back” And then some random canada goose discount uk dude who was staff here gets on stage starts talking saying what I said was a FUCKIN lie WHEN EVERYONE THERE SEEN THE FUCKING LIFE LIGHT HELICOPTER LAND! And he started a riot. I’m disappointed in this place, you put my fans in danger, you put my crew in danger, you put my buddies security team in danger, you fucked everything up. if it wouldn’t had been for JellyRolls security my band members would probably be fucked up right now. they got hit with bottles, cans. alot of my gear got destroyed $1000’s of dollars worth of drums and sound equipment, some drunk ass staff member loaded my bands shit in the wrong tour bus. so with that being said, fuck mud parks. I’m done and to all the fans that got fired up from that random dude on stage, I don’t respect you for throwing shit at my band, so fuck you canada goose outlet niagara falls too. canada goose coats

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canadian goose jacket There too many old people in positions of power and too many old people who vote based on a single thing in their agenda and not on a platform as a whole (don get me wrong, young people do it too, they just in the minority). If everybody votes, young people are canada goose outlet washington dc outvoted. Many young people don vote either because they know it won matter. Nobody is going to help the people canada goose coats uk who don have a lot of money or are young. (Typically students) canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats The majority votes to help the class above them because they think they in that class. If you poor and young, you now extra outvoted. canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose So now the old people in positions of power get more money while continuing to not give any benefits to the young people or poor people. cheap Canada Goose

There needs to be a system that weighs votes differently. Break down the population into 5 year long age ranges and/or annual household income and reweigh the votes.

buy canada goose jacket I get that democracy is about majority voting for what they want but it essentially means young people are shit out of luck because there are too many baby boomers that vote for what they want. Rather than voting to not fuck over younger/poorer people with things like university and housing costs. (Which also screws over many adults because housing is expensive af) buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance You should read the first part of that sentence where it talks about how it related to a well regulated militia. Funny how the “shall not be infringed” people forget to read the first part of the sentence. canada goose clearance

canada goose deals The people who wrote the constitution put a mechanism in there for the government to amend the constitution and the amendments when it became necessary. We can and should make sure that the constitution reflects the times we live in canada goose deals.