The goal of the game is to escape the castle with Yorda. While she is physically weak, locked doors in the castle open when she gets close enough, making her a living skeleton key. Her presence is also necessary to save the game, and some pressure plate puzzles require Yorda to open doors for Ico. This is where her utility ends, however: Yorda is unable to climb chains, lift, or fight anything, leaving the work involving dexterity or pointed sticks to Ico, who tries his best to keep her alive. Escaping the castle is complicated by the shadow creatures sent by the evil Queen, Yorda’s mother. These creatures attempt to drag Yorda into their shadowy spawn points if Ico leaves her for any length of time, or if she just happens to enter basically any area of the castle, presumably because she was born unlucky. Ico can prevent this by beating the shadows with a stick or sword, and can also pull Yorda free if she is drawn into a vortex. While the shadow creatures cannot harm Ico, they can impede him in his attempt to keep Yorda from being taken away. The game practically revolves around the fact that she’s a burden on purpose, as the emotional bond that the gamer develops with Yorda grows and evolves over time because of this.

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