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high quality replica handbags Harmful Healing is what happens when a purported “cure” ends up causing more harm than good, either by accident or design, and often with horrifying results. Best case scenario, the victim ends up Cursed with Awesome due to the botched healing process inadvertently enhancing their body (albeit with a bevy of unattractive, if not outright deleterious, side effects); worst case scenario, the victim suffers a Fate Worse Than Death. When unintentional, can be thought of as the medical equivalent to Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!. When the “cure” is infectious, it’s an accidental Synthetic Plague. Compare Came Back Wrong. Also compare Comically Inept Healing, where the harm is caused by the would be helper’s stupidity rather than the “cure” itself. Contrast Beneficial Disease high quality replica handbags.